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Candidate Benefits

For you, as job seeker, it is important to select a right job to have a successful career. Therefore, when you consider a job change, you need to evaluate multiple aspects and select the right profile so that your career moves in the right direction.

To get noticed for your dream job, you need to get an edge and differentiate yourself from the crowd.
Why Should You Take PMAM Smart Select Tests?
Get Noticed:
To distinguish yourself in this competitive job market, you need to showcase your skills and knowledge more prominently and only the resume may not be sufficient for this. PMAM Smart Select offers you an opportunity to create a definite advantage for yourself through hundreds of scientifically designed tests. You can attempt as many tests as you want on PMAM Smart Select and create a special standing for yourself in the minds of the recruiters. Attempting the tests not only highlights your resume but also acts as an endorsement for yourself.
Prove Yourself :
Companies today have access to a huge database of candidate resumes. You need to differentiate yourself so that your resume gets the deserved attention and gets on top of the stack of resumes. In such a competitive world, to get an edge over others, you need to establish your credibility beyond resume.

Qualifying methodically designed tests differentiate you from others. You can be front of thousands of recruiters by proving your knowledge and skills through such tests. According to a survey by the American Management Association, “Almost 90 percent of firms that test job applicants say they will not hire job seekers when pre-employment testing finds them to be deficient in basic skills” (Greenberg, 1996, p. 24).

With PMAM Smart Select, you can get the deserved attention from recruiters by clearing the technical and psychometric tests.
Evaluate and Improve Yourself:
Experts suggest that candidates should constantly evaluate their skills. By attempting certified tests, you can:
- Identify your strengths and hone your knowledge as required.
- Develop skills and experience if you see those lacking in you.
- Precisely identify your inner strengths, your likings and your real passion.

‘Knowing yourself’ can help you get closer to your dream job which you will really enjoy.

PMAM Smart Select offers you access to a large database of scientifically designed tests which analyze your technical skills, aptitude and also personality traits. You can take these tests online and as per your convenience.

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Why Test?
Get the deserved attention from recruiters by proving your skills and talent through PMAM Tests.