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Some of the common challenges in recruitment process, irrespective of industry vertical, include:
Large number of non-matching resumes:
For better or worse, recruitment managers now have access to many resumes - rather too many resumes through emails, job portals, online resume banks and other such sources. The onus is therefore on recruiters to filter out the right candidates based on resumes.
Unavailability of scientific pre-screening process:
There is currently no scientific method to help recruiters in candidate screening. While seasoned recruiters make right choices based on their experience and gut feel, this method often fails for inexperienced recruiters resulting in higher cost of recruitment.
Lack of skill-based assessment methods:
In the absence of a logical and scientific process, it is hard for the companies to know the technical skills, aptitude and personality of the candidate purely based on resumes or interviews.
High level of rejection in interviews:
Once the candidates are screened and selected by recruiters, many times they are rejected in the technical interviews because of lack of the required technical skills. This amounts to great loss of time - for both - recruiter as well as technical interview panel.
Low retention of “misfits”:
Even for technically qualified candidates, companies face challenges with cultural fitment or aptitude fitment - and that is realized only after they are recruited. Because of this, companies face challenges of low retention and incur high recruitment costs.
The Solution: PMAM Smart Select
PMAM Smart Select is a scientifically designed, next-gen hiring platform with which, you get:
3-Level Screening:
You can screen the candidates at 3 levels
  • Technical Skills
  • Aptitude
  • Personality
A detailed score card and charts are presented to help you assess the candidate from all perspectives before even initiating the interview.

Access to a wide array of pre-screening online tests:
The Technical & Aptitude Assessments are developed by Industry experts with several years of hands-on development and training experience. The Personality Assessments are created by counseling psychologists experienced in conducting psychometric evaluations and assessments.
Intend Check :
Don’t waste your time and money in speaking with candidates who are not interested in job switching or not interested in your organization. Know the interest of candidate beforehand and spend time only with the interested ones.
Optimized Utilization of Time :
No need to manually screen through thousands of resumes or conduct day-long interview drives. Communicate only with the candidates who clear your pre-screening tests. Greatly save infrastructure cost and resource time investment.

Why Choose Smart Select?
Cut hiring costs:
Our survey has shown that only 30% of the candidates who take the test score more than 50%. This means that in the absence of tests, the recruitment team would have spent valuable time in interacting with 70% of the candidates who are not currently skilled on the job.

PMAM Smart Select offers you a combined scientific solution to help you conduct skill-based, aptitude and personality pre-employment tests.

With PMAM Smart Select, you can considerably reduce the hiring time and efforts by identifying the potentially suitable candidate at the pre-screening stage itself.
Don’t just hire candidates, build teams :
According to industry experts, the cost of a bad hiring decision is estimated at around 20% to 200% of a year's salary.

A combination of skill level and aptitude level pre-hire assessments is therefore increasingly becoming a critical component of organizations’ talent acquisition strategy.

When you are set for building a successful team, you need to be assured about the skill-level competence, aptitude and personality chart of the candidates. Such information helps you identify the skill gaps, know the personality of the candidate, check the fitment and also gauge promotion potential.

PMAM Smart Select helps you screen the candidates for all these aspects. With our online certification tests, you can:
  • Understand the knowledge and depth of understanding of candidate on a particular subject.
  • Get insight into the candidate’s personality.
  • Anytime view the test results for candidates.
  • Do comparative analysis between several candidates and decide the best fit for your requirements.
As rightly pointed out in an article in Fast Company Magazine “the mistake that most companies make is finding the person with the right skill set but the wrong mind set and hiring that person anyway with the belief that they can change them”.
Multiple resume sources, one solution :
It is possible that you have access of thousands of different resumes which are not available on PMAM Smart Select and would like to select the suitable ones from those. We can help you in screening of those resumes using scientific methods. All you need to do is transfer the resumes on PMAM Smart Select and put the candidates through PMAM Smart Select pre-screening tests.

In case you have some specific tests for your requirements, you can just share them with us and we will conduct those on PMAM Smart Select. Once the tests are done, you can very easily schedule interviews for selected candidates by viewing the results online.
Streamline hiring process with technology :
Technology is the genie, which, when used right, can save you a lot of time and efforts in your recruitment process.

With PMAM Smart Select technology solution, you can filter out the relevant resumes from the large pool of resumes, with just few clicks. You don’t need to manually scan through the whole stack of resumes. All you need to do is add pre-selection criteria through a test and then only those candidates which clear the tests move forward in the process.

The shortlisted resumes can be added to application tracking system which helps you manage all the logistical and operational aspects such as scheduling of interviews, tracking progress, sending reminders and maintaining the results.

Unique Features of PMAM Smart Select
Application Tracking System (ATS)
Once you have a list of candidates which pass the pre-employment test for your organization, you need an effective and efficient way to manage the complete recruitment process. This includes keeping a track of time-to-hire, be notified about slippages, managing recruiter’s performance and getting up-to-date status about all hiring positions.

PMAM Smart Select offers a very easy to use Application Tracking System which gives you complete and actionable visibility into every step of your recruitment process.
Smart Job Posting
With PMAM Smart Select, when you post the job requirement, you can associate pre-selection assessments with the same as qualifiers. The candidates who are interested in the position need to first attempt the tests. Only after you see and analyze the score cards and assessment charts for those candidates, you can choose to communicate further with them.

This way, you know that the candidate is interested in your job and also possess the required skills and aptitude for the role. You thus save a lot of time and efforts in your screening process.
Candidate Intend Check
In a real win-win situation, the organization and the candidate, both are equally interested in being associated with each other. You might like the skills and knowledge of a candidate and find him suitable for your requirement. But at the same time, you need to know if the candidate is also interested in the profile.

With a unique feature in PMAM Smart Select, you can send communication to short-listed candidates with details about your firm and the job profile. Candidates have an option to express their interest or disinterest in the same. You can then go ahead only with the candidates who have shown their interest. We will charge you only for the mutually consented candidates!
Easy to Use Interface
We know that your recruitment teams have more important tasks to do than learning a new software program. PMAM Smart Select is extremely easy-to-use and intuitive. It does not require any hardware or software installation at your end. Your team can access it by simply visiting a URL.

Instead of just candidate resume, PMAM Smart Select showcases the candidate’s profile more clearly and elaborately with latest test scores and candidate qualifications. This brings in enhanced clarity in selection process.

Features like automatic interview scheduler surely save a lot of time and hassles.
Unparallel Support and Service
PMAM Smart Select provides all the support you need to streamline your organization-wide recruitment needs. Our customer support process helps you match potential candidates to the specific requirements of a given position.

Our comprehensive and continuous evolving list of tests helps you choose the one that matches your requirements. Additionally, our expert teams will be happy to assist you in devising customized tests for you.

Our system also routinely maintains a record of your requirements & requests and continuously evaluates new candidates to find the right match for you.

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The quality of the JD's of candidates send to us were of great use. It matched all the requisites which we were looking for in a candidate and the services offered by PMAM has definitely made the selection process much more easier and faster for our organisation.
Mr. Sashi Sreedhar,
Manager- (HR & Admin),Celusion Technologies Pvt Ltd

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